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John Hill
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James Dean
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Rodrigo Alonso
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Julia Michelle
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Mila Jackson

Meet Your Hosts

Mahlia Side Headshots no background

I live my life and relationships leading with love. I have traveled around the world and grew up moving often, experienced living in and visiting different countries. I have met many different people from different cultures in my lifetime. I have a career backround working in Investing, Finance, Insurance and even bridal consulting. I have worked with the most discerning business professionals including athletes. I have always had a connection in helping others on a personal level.  When consulting with different clients and personalities, each person requires personalized one on one service and attention. My professional experience has prepared me to gravitate toward building this podcast today. 

I have seen and heard about thousands of relationships over the past 25 years and have cultivated some great relationships and friends as a hair stylist.  I have been in a faithful and committed relationship for nearly 30 years with three beautiful children. Professionally I work as a hair extension specialist featured on Amercia’s Next Top Model, and have worked with celebrities, models photographers and fashion designers from around the world.  My 10 hair extension certifications was the inspiration and motivation for my 2 patent pending hair extension systems. The energy I share between people is where the value in all relationships exist for me.

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